Ladd Orthodontics brushing station: This is where all of our ortho patients learn how to brush and floss in their braces. The brushing station is also where our patients will prep for their appointments with Dr. Emerick and the Ladd team!

Dr. Emerick is shown examining a new orthodontic patient. At Ladd Ortho, we are very comfortable with parents coming back and sitting with their children while they are getting treatment.

Here, Dr. Emerick is shown continuing with her initial oral exam of our new patient. Children may start seeing an orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, which is usually around 7 years old! Give us a call today to see if you are a potential orthodontic candidate!

Ladd Orthodontics patient lounge and contest corner.

Ladd Ortho’s outstanding team member, Jen, is shown here with a happy ortho patients! It is truly amazing to see the smile transformations that occurs from the start of treatment to the end!

Dr. Emerick and Ladd Orthodontic rock star, Angie, are shown here in action! Our core objective at Ladd Ortho is to provide the Kokomo community with world class orthodontic care and service!